Industry Specific Notes: Restaurant

Restaurant support in L'ânePOS is newer than retail support. Since restaurant support required only minor changes to the system, I consider restaurant support stable too.

Register Interface
Most restaurants will want to use touch screen terminals, as it is easier to change items on the screen than it is to modify physical key-tops on a keyboard. Plus, it is easier to organize a large number of items by using the tabs in registerTk than by color-coding a keyboard
When using the touch screen interface, no additional hardware is necessary. Unfortunately, touch screen terminals tend to be expensive.
Guest Checks/Tabs
Guest checks and customer tabs can be simulated by using "Suspend" and "Resume" on the registers. Suspend/Resume/re-Suspend the sale as the customer adds items to his or her ticket. Tender the ticket when they are finished.
Kitchen/Bar Printers
Plugins to handle kitchen/bar/remote printers are in the plugins page. Add rprint# to the products' extended fields. # is a bitmask of the printers to print the item. To print at remote printers 1 and 2, put rprint3 in the extended field of the appropriate products.
Sizes and Modifiers
Plugins to handle sizes/modifiers are in the plugins page. You'll need size pseudo-products, and sized pseudo-products. All sized and actual products will need numeric product IDs.
The Resume function will automatically recall the oldest, suspended sale, if no ticket number is given. But, only one terminal in a system can then recall the queued tickets. This limitation is caused by the lack of sale locking. Both single-terminal and dual-terminal (one order/one pay) setups are supported in drive-ups/queuing.
Centralized Pay Register
Some restaurants use touch screen server stations, but the customer pays at a centralized terminal. As registerCurses and registerTk (the touch screen interface) use the same backend, one could install a much cheaper "retail" terminal at the central pay location. A sale created on the touch screens can be recalled on the "retail" terminal.
This version of L'ânePOS doesn't support table management (reservations) or employee time and attendance.

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