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This page includes plugins and extensions to add additional functionality to the Register. Most of these items can be "installed" by running the update-sysStrings program in $LaneRoot/backOffice/utilities/ . To overwrite the value in register-key, type $LaneRoot/backOffice/utilities/update-sysStrings register-key < the.new.file.

You should backup the database before modifying anything in the sysStrings table!

Most of these plugins lack documentation--sorry. ;) -jb
Debit/Gift Card via Customer module.
Add money to the card with R/A. Open the customer, then use this tender to use the money on the card.
before 2002-01-21Jason Burrell
Foodstamp Tender
before 2002-01-21Jason Burrell
WIC Tender
before 2002-01-21Jason Burrell
Price Tables (3/$1 pricing)
The plugin is in the register-initMachine code below. You need to add "pt#" to the product's extended field, where the number is the pricetable number. Also, add the amounts to the pricetable table (for example, "0.34 0.33 0.33" for 3/$1).
before 2002-01-21Jason Burrell
The plugin is in the register-initMachine code below. Add "sized" to the base products's extended field. Add "szcol#,szset#" to the size pseudo-product.
2002-01-21Jason Burrell
Credit Card Authorization via TCLink
This is a sample credit card authorization system that uses the GPL'ed TCLink module from TrustCommerce.

I'm willing to write wrappers like this for other open source or public domain gateways/clients.

2002-01-25Jason Burrell
Remote (Kitchen/Bar) Printers
The plugin is in the register-initMachine code below. Add "rprint#" to the products's extended field to print it on the remote printer. # is the bitmask of the printer to print this item.
2002-01-27Jason Burrell
The initMachine-default from my sample NIC Register and touch screen.
This includes item code parts necessary for foodstamps, pricetables, wic, sizes, and remote (kitchen/bar) printers.
2002-01-27Jason Burrell
Foreign Currency Tender
A sample foreign currency tender. You can create as many duplicates of this as you need. The exchange rate is "hard coded" in the plugin.
2002-02-13Jason Burrell
Goods and Services Tax
This plugin was created to allow Canadian GST. Read the information at the top of the plugin for installation information.
2002-03-01Jason Burrell