Industry Specific Notes: Grocery

Grocery stores are basically retail stores with a few special requirements, so L'ânePOS is stable in those environments.

Price Tables
Price tables allow a store to sell the same class of items at different prices, depending on the number sold. They allow 3/$1 pricing (0.34, 0.33, 0.33). The plugins page includes plugins for price tables.
Food Stamps/WIC
Food Stamps and WIC are different for every location. Contact a local authority on the subject before using any of these methods in a production environment. The plugins page includes plugins for marking items as Food Stamp-able and WIC-able, as well as tendering Food Stamps and WIC.
Although an interface for selling items based on weight doesn't exist, it should be easy to write one. If someone loans me scales with a common interface (like RS232), I'll write an interface for them (jburrell). L'anePOS 2002-02-18 now supports fractional prices and quantities.

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